Fix Your HORMONES with the Right FOOD!

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0:00 Introduction: How to balance your hormones with food
0:10 What is a hormone?
3:33 Thyroid hormone
5:02 Cortisol
5:43 Growth hormone
6:53 Testosterone
8:04 Estrogen
9:17 Progesterone
9:45 Insulin
10:30 Learn more about keto and fasting!

How to balance your hormones:

1. Thyroid (increasing T4 and converting T4 to T3):
What to eat:
β€’ Brazil nut (1 a day)
β€’ Seafood
β€’ Sea kelp

Thyroid (decreasing):
What to eat:
β€’ Cruciferous vegetables

2. Cortisol (decreasing):
What to eat:
β€’ Leafy greens

What to do:
β€’ Lower your stress

Cortisol (increasing):
What to eat:
β€’ Sea salt

3. Growth hormone (increasing):
What to eat:
β€’ Eggs
β€’ Nuts
β€’ Animal meats
β€’ Seafood

What to do:
β€’ Lower your stress
β€’ Consume a moderate amount of protein
β€’ Go on a low-carb diet
β€’ Do HIIT (high-intensity interval training)
β€’ Get plenty of sleep

4. Testosterone (increasing):
What to eat:
β€’ Red meat
β€’ Seafood (especially oysters)

What to do:
β€’ Avoid estrogen (dairy and soy)
β€’ Don’t go on a low-fat diet

Testosterone (decreasing):
What to eat:
β€’ A low-carb diet

What to do:
β€’ Fasting

5. Estrogen (decreasing):
What to eat:
β€’ Cruciferous vegetables
β€’ Sea kelp

What to do:
β€’ Get a good water filter
β€’ Avoid dairy

Estrogen (increasing):
What to eat:
β€’ Organic fermented soy

6. Progesterone (increasing):
What to eat:
β€’ Omega-3 fatty acids (salmon and cod liver oil)

What to do:
β€’ Get plenty of sunshine

7. Insulin (decreasing):
What to eat:
β€’ A low-carb diet

What to do:
β€’ Fasting
β€’ Avoid MSG
β€’ Lower your stress

Insulin (increasing):
What to do:
β€’ Support the gland that makes insulin by eating healthy foods

Certain things can help balance your hormones, but the best thing to do is to support your endocrine system as a whole with these two things:
1. The Healthy Keto diet
2. Intermittent fasting



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Thanks for watching! Try these foods and other tips to help balance your hormones.

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