How To Reduce Lower Belly Fat | Learn From My Experience

Hey familia!! If you’re reading this description for the program links, FEAR NOT, i am leaving them here at the top for you 🙂 For those who want to learn a little more about what this video is about, read on 😉

PELVIC FLOOR WORKBOOK – first thing that i did to prepare my core so that when i lost the fat, i wouldnt be left with a pooch:

BIG BOOTY TIGHT TUMMY WORKOUT PROGRAM- the program that helped me drop 40+ lbs and ultimately helped me lose the extra fat in the pooch:

When it comes to losing lower belly fat, it’s about more than just workouts and what you are eating. A big part of our weight loss ability comes from our hormone profile.

In this video I go through things that have helped me over the last 8 months drop lower belly fat because it put my hormones in the right position to put me in a fat-burning state.

Know that spot fat reduction is not proven to be possible! But there are efforts that you can make to lower your overall body fat, and have your hormones in a position where you won’t be carrying “stress fat” or extra fat around your waist.

Little disclaimer- this video is not meant to make anyone feel bad about having belly fat. I believe that all bodies are unique and beautiful! I always want my community to understand that health and fitness is more than just losing weight or gaining muscle, it really always ties back to our mindset and what we tell ourselves on a daily basis.

I want to encourage you today to evaluate what your internal dialogue sounds like. Are you talking yourself down, making yourself more stressed out and its just keeping you in the vicious cycle? Or are you thinking and speaking positively to yourself and just need a little extra help with other aspects of health and fitness?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and input in the comments below!


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