Some Really Cool Benefits of Ghee Bulletproof Coffee

Check out the amazing health benefits of ghee bulletproof coffee.


0:00 Introduction: Ghee bulletproof coffee
0:10 What is ghee?
0:50 How to make ghee bulletproof coffee
1:10 The benefits of ghee bulletproof coffee
3:25 Will bulletproof coffee kick me out of ketosis?
4:05 Who shouldn’t consume bulletproof coffee?
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Let’s talk about the interesting benefits of ghee in bulletproof coffee.

Ghee is clarified butter. This means the milk solids have been removed, which includes casein and lactose.

With ghee, you get the benefits of butter without the issues that can mess with your digestive system or allergies.

If you’re going to consume bulletproof coffee, I recommend using ghee instead of butter—especially if you’re lactose intolerant.

How to make bulletproof coffee with ghee:
• Mix 1 to 2 Tbsp of ghee into your coffee. It’s that simple. I recommend using A2 ghee, which is even better for your digestive system.

The health benefits of ghee:
1. It doesn’t stimulate insulin
2. It has lutein (it’s good for your eyes)
3. It decreases your appetite and helps you fast longer
4. It contains important fat-soluble vitamins
5. It is more easily digested than other fats
6. It contains MCT fats (which are used as energy and are easily digested)
7. It has short-chain fatty acids (which are good for gut health)
8. It has CLA (it’s anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergy)

Bulletproof coffee with ghee won’t knock you out of ketosis because it’s giving you ketones. A true fast means you do not have any food. So, while it won’t increase your insulin, it will technically break your fast.

Keep in mind it may slow down your weight loss if you have a slow metabolism. I think bulletproof coffee is great for most people—especially those who are first starting keto and fasting.

The only time I would say someone should avoid bulletproof coffee is if their metabolism is very slow and they’re trying everything possible to speed up their weight loss. In this situation, I wouldn’t consume any additional fats that don’t come with the protein you eat.



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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the health benefits of ghee bulletproof coffee. I’ll see you in the next video.

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