The #1 Best Antihistamine Remedy for Sinus, Itching and Hives

Find out how this antihistamine home remedy compares to Zyrtec!
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0:00 Introduction: Allergies explained 
0:45 The connection between allergies and cortisol 
1:11 The best antihistamine remedy 
2:02 Foods high in quercetin 
3:05 Other allergy remedies 
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Let’s talk about one of the best natural antihistamine remedies. 

Histamine is involved in the immune reaction, and it produces a lot of symptoms related to allergies. Sometimes the body inappropriately responds to an allergen, and you get a series of symptoms. 

These allergy symptoms can include:
• Hay fever 
• Sinus problems 
• Hives 
• Itching 
• Flushing 
• Dermatitis 
• Photosensitivity 
• Sneezing 
• Fatigue 
• Wheezing 

The more of a histamine response you have, the more cortisol response you’ll have. Cortisol is the natural body chemical that helps neutralize histamines. 

If someone has adrenal fatigue or low cortisol, they won’t have the buffering effect from cortisol, and histamines will rise too high. 

The #1 best antihistamine remedy is quercetin. You can use this natural antihistamine remedy as needed to help minimize histamine symptoms. 

Quercetin has been thoroughly studied. It inhibits the cells that make histamines and directly inhibits the histamine response. 

It also helps stabilize the mast cell membranes, which is how many antihistamines work. Quercetin can help reduce mucus and inflammation, similar to a natural Zyrtec. 

You can get quercetin by consuming foods high in quercetin or by taking a quercetin supplement. If you take a quercetin supplement, you may want to take 400 to 600 mg, depending on your size, every two hours until you feel relief. 

Taking it with a small amount of fat can help increase absorption. To increase the absorption even more, you can get quercetin with bromelain.

Foods high in quercetin:
• Red onions 
• Capers 
• Kale 
• Radishes 
• Dill 

I have found this is an effective remedy, but it may not work 100% of the time. To enhance this effect, you can try other natural allergy remedies. 

Natural remedies for allergies: 
1. Vitamin D (at least 20,000 IU per day)
2. Zinc (50 mg)
3. Nettle root 

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain why quercetin is the #1 best antihistamine remedy. I’ll see you in the next video.

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