The #1 Nutrient to Boost Your Collagen (NOT VITAMIN C)

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0:00 How to boost collagen
0:10 What is collagen?
1:15 The #1 nutrient to boost collagen
1:47 Symptoms of a copper deficiency
3:42 Copper benefits
4:55 Foods high in copper
5:08 Copper deficiency causes
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Let’s talk about the best nutrient to boost collagen. Basically, collagen is a protein that connects your body together.

Collagen is in many different parts of your body, including your:
β€’ Cartilage
β€’ Tendons
β€’ Ligaments
β€’ Bones
β€’ Teeth
β€’ Skin
β€’ Eyes
β€’ Vessels
β€’ Gut
β€’ Spinal discs
β€’ Fascia
β€’ Muscles

The top nutrient that boosts collagen is copper. Copper has a direct effect on making collagen, preventing the loss of collagen, and making elastin.

Copper is a trace mineral that’s needed in a very small amount, but it’s necessary for the enzymes that allow proteins to form.

Symptoms of a copper deficiency:
β€’ Swayback (lordosis)
β€’ Loose skin
β€’ Aging skin
β€’ Hernias
β€’ Weak joints
β€’ Weak spinal discs
β€’ Varicose veins
β€’ Weak muscles

Benefits of copper:
β€’ It transports iron
β€’ It supports immunity
β€’ It can help reduce excess sweating
β€’ It supports endurance exercise
β€’ It can help slow down greying
β€’ It can help improve balance in the dark or when your eyes are closed
β€’ It can help decrease uric acid
β€’ It can help detox fluoride
β€’ It helps warm your feet

Foods rich in copper:
β€’ Liver
β€’ Kidney
β€’ Oysters
β€’ Shellfish
β€’ Shiitake mushrooms
β€’ Sesame seeds

Common causes of a copper deficiency:
β€’ A lack of copper in the soil
β€’ Gastric bypass surgery
β€’ Taking too much ascorbic acid
β€’ Taking too much zinc
β€’ Consuming too much sugar
β€’ Consuming alcohol
β€’ Consuming too much fiber (added functional fibers)



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Thanks for watching! Copper is the #1 nutrient to boost collagen. I’ll see you in the next video.

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