The Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth for Humans

Check out the amazing benefits of diatomaceous earth for humans. 

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Diatomaceous earth has been around for millions of years. It’s a powder made up of fossilized diatoms. Diatoms are basically algae or phytoplankton. 

The unique thing about diatomaceous earth is that it’s loaded with silicon. When silicon is exposed to oxygen, it becomes silica. 

Silica is really good for a person’s connective tissues, joints, and bones. Calcium can’t even help you form bone without silica. 

You need enough silica to help support bone mineralization and prevent conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia. 

Silica is also essential for your:
• Ligaments
• Tendons 
• Cartilage 
• Nails 
• Hair 
• Skin 
• Aorta 
• Trachea 

There are different types of collagen. Silica also stimulates type 1 collagen. 

Other potential health benefits of diatomaceous earth:
• It may help get rid of parasites, worms, pathogens, and even E. coli 
• It can bind with aluminum and help remove it from the body 

How to use diatomaceous earth:
Drink one teaspoon of diatomaceous earth mixed in a glass of water once per day. Over the next three days, you might want to increase it to two teaspoons per day. 

Be sure to take it on an empty stomach. To help improve absorption, you can also add apple cider vinegar to the water and diatomaceous earth mixture—or take a few betaine hydrochloride tablets when you take the mixture. 

If you’re only trying to build up your connective tissue, you may want to take an orthosilicic acid supplement instead. But, if you want all of the above benefits, give diatomaceous earth a try. 



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