The FASTEST Way to Get Rid of Your Allergies

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0:00 Introduction: The fastest way to get rid of allergies
0:12 Food allergy vs. food sensitivity
1:32 The best way to get rid of food allergies
5:12 How to increase autophagy
7:35 Other remedies for food allergies
8:46 Check out my video on how to do fasting!

Today we’re going to talk about how to get rid of food allergies and food sensitivities.

A food allergy will typically cause an instant reaction, whereas a person with a food sensitivity will likely experience a delayed reaction. It can be difficult to realize that your symptoms are due to a food sensitivity because of the delay.

A food sensitivity can cause general discomfort that’s typically not severe. But, a food allergy can cause a severe inflammatory situation or even a life-threatening situation called anaphylaxis.

I believe the very best thing you can do for a food allergy or food sensitivity is to increase autophagy. Autophagy is a condition where your body eliminates damaged proteins. It’s a survival mechanism that your body uses to protect you from various things.

There is great data on increasing the expression of autophagy to help decrease allergies. Research shows that you can decrease food allergies, food sensitivities, histamine levels, and IgG levels with autophagy. Autophagy can also help repair, rebuild, and enhance your immune systemโ€”it can even help reduce pulmonary inflammation.

How to increase autophagy in the body:
1. Do intermittent fasting and periodic prolonged fasting
2. Exercise regularly
3. Drink green tea
4. Consume turmeric

Remedies for food allergies and food sensitivities to try along with increasing autophagy:
โ€ข Probiotics
โ€ข Vitamin D3
โ€ข Zinc



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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain the fastest way to get rid of food allergies and food sensitivities. I’ll see you in the next video!

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