These 6 Nutrient Deficiencies Cause FATIGUE

Everyone could use a little more energy. Find out which nutrient deficiencies cause fatigue and how to boost your energy.

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0:00 Introduction: How to boost energy
0:10 What causes fatigue?
1:15 Nutrient deficiencies that cause fatigue
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Having enough energy is vital. The key to reestablishing your energy is to address the root causes of fatigue and the nutritional deficiencies behind fatigue.

There are two top causes of fatigue. The first is a lack of sleep. It doesn’t matter how many supplements you take—you’re still going to be tired if you’re not sleeping.

The second core cause of fatigue is running your body on the wrong fuel (glucose). Burning fat is the most efficient source of energy. To do that, you need to get on the Healthy Keto diet.

Overall, to boost your energy and avoid fatigue, you need to consume a variety of healthy foods and avoid foods that cause fatigue, like sugar and refined carbs. You also need to make sure you’re getting plenty of quality sleep.

Primary nutrient deficiencies that cause fatigue:
1. Vitamin B12
The best source:
• Animal products

2. Folate (B9)
The best source:
• Dark leafy greens

3. Iron
The best source:
• Red meat

4. Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
The best sources:
• Animal products
• Plant products
• Seeds
• Nuts
• Nutritional yeast

5. Magnesium
The best sources:
• Leafy greens
• Animal products
• Plant products

6. Potassium
The best source:
• Leafy greens



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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the nutrient deficiencies that cause fatigue. I’ll see you in the next video!

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