Why Anxiety and Depression Cause Bad Breath

Your bad breath and anxiety or depression could be related! Find out why and what to do. Check out Dr. Berg’s Vitamin B1 Here: 🛒 https://drbrg.co/3yRV9sG

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0:00 Introduction: Do anxiety and depression cause bad breath?
0:50 Your mood and your microbiome 
2:32 Why does your microbiome affect your mood and vice versa? 
5:15 What to do for anxiety and depression 
6:55 Check out my video on what to do for panic attacks and anxiety!

There is an interesting relationship between your mood and your microbiome—let’s talk about it. 

When a person is in a state of chronic anxiety or depression, their microbiome changes—and their breath changes too. 

This is why a person with chronic stress, anxiety, or depression can develop halitosis or bad breath. These mood changes can also cause an increased risk of periodontal infections and disease. 

On the flip side, when a person takes an antibiotic or antifungal and wipes out their microbial population, it can dramatically affect their mood and breath. Psychosis, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are all potential side effects of antibiotics. 

There is a spike in cortisol when a person experiences stress and anxiety. Cortisol suppresses the diversity of microbes you have and paralyzes your immune system. Chronic elevation of cortisol destroys your microbes and affects your breath. 

Your body has a complex group of friendly bacteria, yeast, and fungus that all work together. You need the right ratios of them to maintain a healthy body. Sauerkraut and kefir are fantastic foods you can consume to help promote a healthy ratio of bacteria, yeast, and fungus.

Overall, your mood can affect your microbes, and your microbes can affect your mood. The quality of your breath is directly related to the balance of your microbes. 

What to try for anxiety and depression:
• Take vitamin D (for depression)
• Take vitamin B1 (for anxiety) 
• Get outdoors 
• Exercise 
• Do physical work outdoors 
• Try indoor rock climbing 
• Change your diet (get on the Healthy Keto diet) 
• Do intermittent fasting 


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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain what causes bad breath during anxiety or depression. I’ll see you in the next video.

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